Wherever possible, I use three-dimensional computer graphics for the images on this site, instead of photographs. All the images are my own work.

Many people want to know how I do it.

The short answer: With a lot of patience, many failures, repeated attempts.

Try, fail, learn, try again. Repeat. Of course, you need a decent computer as well.

I use several computer programs to do the illustrations you see here:

  • For three-dimensional landscapes, I use Vue by E-on software.
  • For figures and most objects like furniture and vehicles, I use Poser by Smith Micro.
  • To make my own models and clothes for the figures, I use Blender by the Blender Foundation.
  • To make textures I use Genetica by Spiral Graphics. and also Corel Photo-Paint.

These are the most important programs, but I also use others from time to time to do specific things.

It took me longer than fourteen years to develop my skills to their current level. It isn't something you can learn overnight. It takes a lot of practice, studying the user manuals and following online tutorials on Youtube or dedicated websites. Perseverance is key.